It’s a strange feeling when you’re moving but not moving. I’m not praying for a fast paced life but my life has never felt so sluggish! 
Life can get pretty exciting at times. There’s an agenda, with things to do and people to see, marvelous revelations/discoveries in between and spontaneous encounters that makes me the happiest person alive. 

I know there are many seasons under the sun. I like particularly like the one where you get off the horse and stop to admire and smell the roses but I’ve never really experienced this one of what I’ll call…. NOTHINGNESS.

It’s not that I’m not doing anything. I still go to (nursing) school, I still do chores, I make visits but there’s still a sense of nothingness. There aren’t any mind blowing revelations, no inspiration on any topics to blog about, no excitement there’s…yeah….NO-THING. 

The good thing is, I’m certainly not sad, just simply experiencing an indescribable sense of inner stillness and plenty external nothingness. Who knows,perhaps one day all this nothingness will make perfect sense.

Until the next chapter comes, might as well enjoy the scent of a few extra dozen roses while I’m BEING in NOTHING.


The secret to…”excellence of self”

In the development of self, we’ll discover that it is not only about learning the new but reflecting upon the old. Reflecting and renewing the mind with lessons/truths found in the past is as rewarding as discovering new lessons, which now bring me to one of my most favorite computer-animated movies ‘KUNG FU PANDA’ . Although this seems very child-like, the wisdom/teachings/lessons in this movie is worth holding on to and for that reason, every now and then I like to go back and watch the different parts to remind myself of such precious knowledge.

There are a number of Kung fu Panda Movies/short series, however the one I’m about to share is/was about the secret of kung fu which were discovered through the “furious 5”.

It was Po’s (The dragon warrior) time to teach the art of kung Fu… to some small bunnies. The bunnies were all excited to learn about kung Fu, they loved the idea of learning to fight!- They thought Kung Fu was all about the moves, (even I thought kung Fu was about the fighting techniques) until Po thought them that it really isn’t so. He said kung Fu means “excellence of self” ….”being the best you can be”.

Now in spite of this film surrounding the art of kung Fu, these are simple knowledge nuggets that we can also use in our daily lives to aid in “being the best you can be”.

If kung fu wasn’t all about fighting, then what else was there to this art? Po began to reveal the secret through the furious 5, who are great masters of Kung fu (in the movie) but each had to learn one of the secrets below because of individual shortcoming before excellence followed.

Furious 5 and Lesson:

  1. Mantis was too fast and had to learn PATIENCE
  2. Master Viper’s or his daughter (I stand corrected) was afraid and had to learn COURAGE
  3. Crane thought he was too skinny and had to learn CONFIDENCE
  4. Tigress couldn’t control her strength and had to learn DISCIPLINE
  5. Monkey was very mean and had to Learn COMPASSION

Below is a diagram I created with the five (5) secrets that helped these characters and can help you… and me. If you’ve discovered these before, reminding yourself will be beneficial as mentioned earlier. Feel free to save, share and/or print and use the following as a visual reminder! 🙂


ishanda jacobs







Facebook post dated August 5, 2016.

“Throughout my season of #SOLITUDE I swear I felt the most ALONE/DESERTED and depressed. My MOST painful days can be found within. BUT it is in this SAME lonely, depressing, painful place I discovered lessons and wisdom I will forever cherish,GEMS,I doubt I would’ve found anywhere else! It’s in this SAME lonely, depressing, painful place I began growing from within, experiencing spirituality especially on a completely higher dimension. It’s in this SAME lonely, depressing place I found TRUE FREEDOM! I can go on and on and on. First solitude feels like purgatory, but I swear every second spent there is worth it. Its Kinda like a diamond in the making, with pressure you become beautiful and the beauty shines from the inside out as the days,weeks and MONTHSSSS yes MONTHHHSSSS goes by. My season of solitude isn’t over, I have more lessons and attritubes to learn, it wouldn’t be pain-free (sad to say) but as mentioned its worth it. I look forward to a great life, even when life doesn’t look so great! #INNERPEACE! ❤ 🙂 #Romans 8:28! #He‘s intentional,NEVER failing!”                                                              

I have learned a lot between then and now.The process, however is easier because I have surrendered. I try each day to remain alive, alert and awake, looking for the lesson in each moment of each day.

Today I smilingly raise my glass and Cheers to growth.





Pollard-d-TreeofKnowledgeContinuing my journey, a revelation was given to me today. It was a magical moment! We have absolutely no idea how powerful we truly are! I recently posted about my transition from Christianity to spirituality. I remember expressing how grateful I am for it’s contribution to my growth while acknowledging I cannot remain there. Today, I found at least some scriptures proven to be gold! I’ve read it before but it made a lot of sense today. A very significant vital part of the puzzle came together and I know after soaking this up, nothing will ever be impossible unto me. Actually nothing is impossible for me as long as I walk this earth!

Hosea 4:6 say “MY PEOPLE ARE DESTROYED FOR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE”. AGAIN, another golden scripture. Christians will continue to suffer unless they search for truth themselves! Blacks will continue to suffer until they search for truth themselves! Humanity will continue to suffer until they search for truth themselves!

To a fellow citizen Mr. Parnell Campbell QC, I say thank you. He introduced to us (through a lecture that was supposed to be about legal aspects of nursing) a book by Norman Vincent Peale called “The power of positive thinking”. I’m not sure how many took heed, but I sure did and I have no regrets! Mr.Vincent Peale, who Mr. Campbell stated changed his life also changed mine or atleast he paved the way. Mr. Peale’s books lead me to one of the greatest I would say to have ever lived… *drum roll*….


Neville Goddard is in no doubt one of the greatest prophets of all times! His books …his lectures…Everything makes perfect sense! I’m sure if he was alive today many would be against his teachings especially in the western world where you’re either Christian or doomed!

I wish I can tell you everything Neville Believed in but I can state a few just so you get the idea.

  1. You are one with the father
  2. Christ is your own wonderful human Imagination (Christ in you the hope of glory
  3. An assumption though false, if sustained will harden into fact
  4. You must live at the end of your desires (Assume the state of the wish fulfilled)
  5. YOU ARE GOD – “Do not be embarrassed when I tell you that you are God. Instead, walk believing you are that important. You don’t have to become arrogant, but you must assume you are God. Think about it! Stop believing in God and start believing as God. Do this and the visions will come to confirm your assumption.”
  6. This law is at work for positives as equally as the negatives

I wish I can simplify all his thoughts that I’ve proven true. The revelation of Neville’s teaching reminded and lead me to chapter 4 of Galations. I’ll will highlight a few verses that stood out most. Feel free to read the chapter in the amplified version for a better understanding.

“Now what I mean [when I talk about children and their guardians] is this: as long as the heir is a child, he does not differ at all from a slave even though he is the [future owner and] master of all [the estate]; but he is under [the authority of] guardians and household administrators or managers until the date set by his father [when he is of legal age]. So also we [whether Jews or Gentiles], when we were children (spiritually immature), were kept like slaves under the elementary [man-made religious or philosophical] teachings of the world. ….But at that time, when you did not know [the true] God and were unacquainted with Him, you [Gentiles] were slaves to those [pagan] things which by [their very] nature were not and could not be gods at all. Now, however, since you have come to know [the true] God [through personal experience], or rather to be known by God, how is it that you are turning back again to the weak and worthless elemental principles [of religions and philosophies], to which you want to be enslaved all over again? 10 [For example,] you observe [particular] days and months and seasons and years. 11 I fear for you, that perhaps I have labored [to the point of exhaustion] over you in vain…..12 Believers, I beg of you, become as I am [free from the bondage of Jewish ritualism and ordinances],…. 16 So have I become your enemy by telling you the truth? 17 These men [the Judaizers] eagerly seek you [to entrap you with honeyed words and attention, to win you over to their philosophy], not honorably [for their purpose is not honorable or worthy of consideration]. They want to isolate you [from us who oppose them] so that you will seek them….My little children, for whom I am again in [the pains of] labor until Christ is [completely and permanently] formed WITHIN you.”

I say to you, regardless of religion, unless you truly become matured spiritually accepting the truth of your identity and the power you have, you will never experience a truly abundant life. Though you be Kings and Queens, you’ll live a life that’s equivalent to that of a slave!

These stuff surrounding Metaphysics and spirituality tend to be challenging to explain even though you have a clear enough understanding. To learn in this field, experience is the best teacher!











What’s more rewarding in this world than being on the path to self discovery? What’s more rewarding than being filled with wisdom, power and healing?

My awakening and the depth of it is something I’m not sure I will ever be able to fully explain. All I’m sure of is You feel it. You feel it with all of your being. You feel an indescribable feeling. My friends, life COMPLETELY changes after that.

As previously mentioned you do become filled with wisdom, power and healing and as great as it is to feel like Mother Theresa, Ghandi, Martin Luther, or Nelson Mandela, there’s a side no one really speaks about. A side that makes this being sometimes feel like a curse and not a blessing.

  1. You no longer fit in- you can genuinely socialize with everyone yet you cannot fit in. Solitude often becomes your bestfriend.
  2. You feel a lot, just about everything. You feel love, joy, hope but you also feel injustice and hate and things of that lower frequency and it just tears you apart.
  3. Your life is no longer normal- it’s almost as if you do not exist for yourself but for other people, to help them grow, learn and live from a higher frequency. Sounds Noble right? Of course but its sacrificial living.
  4. You’re often misunderstood- It’s like an English-speaking person trying to have a conversation with one who speaks Japanese. As logical as your thoughts are the “sleepers” just cannot understand.
  5. You feel like an extra terrestrial/ an ancient soul- like you belong anywhere but on earth.
  6. People think you’re crazy.
  7. You are hated by many- of course we usually upset the politcal,unfair established order of things.
  8. You often often go through alot. (Painful experiences)

I am still learning and growing and trying to find balance. Though awakening (or for some ‘unbecoming’) is an incredible transformation i wish for everyone , it comes with a price…a price I’m willing to pay.




Dear Women,

I’m writing to expressed how #puzzled I am about our men. Permit me to have a little “girls talk” with you.

Long story short, why do successful,well round women usually end up single? Are men really intimidated by us-our beauty, success, intelligence& standards? I know some intelligent women can be cocky but many are very down to earth and still end up in the same boat.

What’s even more puzzling is that women who aren’t so smart or well rounded gets the guy! I’ve always heard “women are from venus and men are from mars” and in all honesty, it is the truest of statements. The thoughts and actions of men are very…..ummmm….ILLOGICAL! And I mean…THE EPITOME OF ILLOGICAL!

What’s even more illogical are the extremely smart, successful, often well rounded men who make these choices. Guys, like seriously? Must our standards seeerrrriooously be that mediocre in nature?

All in all Ladies, its not that we are unattractive, many guys love us …..from a distance. Lol. When life gets up close and personal they run.

Now these men today have me wondering if I’m to raise an average lady or a PHENOMENAL WOMAN. I’ll forever choose the latter- for I know God will ordain a phenomenal woman to raise a gentle man just for her.

They usually say… “BEHIND EVERY SUCCESSFUL MAN IS A (GREAT) WOMAN”. However I’m no longer wondering why women are slowly taking over the world! *cheers*










Although the word detachment is rightfully a state of not being connected, the attitude I often observed was usually one of not giving a damn, until life taught me otherwise through experience. I can remember having a similar relationship with the word solitude as well.

For many attachment gives a sense of security but why get attached anyway? Haven’t you heard “the only thing that’s constant is change?”….meaning that “impermanence is the only permanence” …. MEANING… EVERYTHING IS TEMPORARY INCLUDING LIFE!

Ok Ishanda, since all is temporary and I shouldn’t live an attached life what should I do? Well… that’S totally up to you. (lol). However, for me, I am presently of that believe that living an appreciative life is best. Cherish/appreciate/Be grateful for each season and the things, people and moments within that time frame while they temporarily exist. Attachment can certainly pose a challenge when change (which is constant) comes knocking on your door and by extension interrupts the flow of your growth in life. I often say THE ONLY THING THAT IS WORST THAN CHANGE IS RESISTING IT!

Like solitude, detachment can aid in you having/living/maintaining a blissful and peaceful life! Remember that everything is connected and by you (with gratitude and appreciation) allowing life to flow freely without attachment, you also contribute to the free-flowing life of another as well.  Who doesn’t love a win-win situation? I sure do! 😉